Brief Malady Treatment

"No, not at all," he answered calmly. "That's the total for your cure alone, not including the prescription charges and what you'll have to pay for the the therapeutic medicines and tonics. You could also look at the bill as a kind of medicine because now when you feel your troubles returning, the total will remind you of how much treatment will cost. Your problems will certainly fade then go away soon," he added.

A cemetery for the living

One morning the young mother came to see me again regarding a matter concerning her recently-deceased son. I was rather irritated with her entreaty. At first, she just made a request, then she moved on to making a proposal and finally she begged by kneeling down in front of me to ask for a special favour: to provide her poor son with a place in the high burial ground set aside for the elite.  

A true story

My husband had a one-week business trip planned with his colleagues to Vientiane. We had only been married for a short time, so even a few days apart felt like a struggle for me. When he saw how upset I was he hesitated before saying: "Maybe you could go with me? Consider it a holiday? I don't think anyone on the delegation would have a problem with that."

A love gift

"Hurry up! Yesterday, you were thirty minutes late. You don't want your wages to be cut, do you?" urged the young man's colleague ‘Phuc the Fat'. "Yes, I know, I know. It'll only take me five minutes to get there. Five minutes to get through the next intersection…," thought the young delivery boy. Hardly had he finished his statement when a speeding bus nearly hit the handle of his motorbike.

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