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About me


Pen name: Di Li
Birthday: September 3rd,1978
Oriental zodiac sign: The Horse
Blood type: B


2006: M.A, Education Management – Hanoi Pedagogy University
2000: B.A, English language – Hanoi University
2000: B.A, German language – Hanoi University


2000 - PRESENT: Instructor of English-American Culture, College of Commerce and Tourism, Hanoi, Lecturer of Public Relation, Hoa Binh University, Hanoi

Writer, Journalist, Translator, MC and Public Relation Event Planner.


SHORT STORY COLLECTIONS: The first level (2007), The Waltz of Hell (2007), 7 days in the desert (2009), The Babel on the Moon Fall (2010), Love sometimes loses its way home (2010), The Bronze mirror (2010), The Black Diamond (English copy - 2012), Red Coral (2012)
CRIME-THRILLER NOVEL: Red Flower Farm (2009)
NON-FICTION: Paradise Island (2009), The Urban Cocktail (2011), Stories about Cirle of Literature (2012), Adam and Eva (2013)

MEMOIR: The summer diary (2011)
TEXTBOOK: English for Business III (2007), Writing skill for Public Relation (2011)
TRANSLATED BOOKS: Sweethearts (Sara Zarr – 2008), The Alibiman (Tami Hoag – 2009), Kill the messenger (Tami Hoag – 2009), All around the world (Short story collection – 2009), The forest of hands and teeth (Carrie Ryan - 2010), Cause of the Death (Patricia Cornwell - 2012)


Genre of works:
Crime Thriller, Horror and Comedy


Awards and Recognition:

- The third prize of literature competition organized by Military Literature and Art Magazine (2006)
- The third prize of literature competition organized by People Police Publishing House  and Vietnam Writers Association (2008-2010)
- The third prize of competition “Hanoi in my eyes” organized by Hanoi People Committee and The Urban Economics News (2010)

- Member of Vietnam Writers Association (since 2010)

- Member of Hanoi Writers Association (since 2011)

- Member of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators Association (since 2012)


I like:
Literature: Crime Thriller, Horror Thriller, Adventure Thriller, Science Thriller, Comedy
Authors: Stephen King, Agatha Christie, Azit Nesin, Nguyen Nhat Anh
Music: Rock Ballad and Latino
Movie: The same as genre of literature
Actors: Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage
Dances: Salsa, Samba
Sports: Skating, Bowling, Billard
Painting: Still-life
Fashion: T-shirt and Scalf
Colours: Pink and Blue
Jewelery: Black pearl
Flowers: White rose, White daisy, White Lily
Perfume: Chanel Allure
Destination: Bali
Fruits: Pineapple, Jack-fruit, Durian, Mangosteen
Dishes: Thais Salad, Yam Talay, Shusi, Masala Pizza
Cocktail: Pinacolada
Interior Decoration: White furniture, Green Rose Wallpaper and Drape
Pets: Dogs
Favourite job: Fashion designer
Words: Live as you are dying tomorrow and Die as you would be alive forever


I dislike:
Literature: Unofficial historical fiction, Poetry and Love stories
Authors: Marguerite Duras
Music: Folk songs
Movie: The same as genre of literature
Dances: Slow
Sports: Ping pong
Painting: Cubist style
Fashion: Baggy Pants
Colours: Dark violet
Jewelery: Ruby
Flowers: Red Flowers
Perfume: Kenzo Amour
Destination: Moscow
Fruits: Persimmon
Dishes: Rice Soup
Cocktail: Tom Collin
Interior Decoration: Lacquer
Pets: Cats
Dislike job: Doctor